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Securing Assets Against Identity Theft Threats

Identity Theft Lock

Identity Theft a Rising Threat

Identity theft is a rising trend within the United States, and every taxpayer should take the necessary precautions to avoid falling prey to criminals. With Identity Theft Shield services offered by Asset Preservation Strategies and provided by LegalShield you can help protect yourself, your business, and your family.

Identity Theft Solutions

Knowing how to defend against the threat of Identity Theft is vital to securing your assets, business, and financial future. In the case that your identity gets stolen having Identity Theft Shield on your side will help put you on a quicker road to recovery.

The IRS and Identity Theft

A recent article written by Roger Russell of Accounting Today investigates how falling victim to Identify Theft causes frustrations. Trying to work with the IRS to restore your Identity proves to be challenging.

In a report issued last month, TIGTA noted that identity theft was the number one consumer complaint last year to the Federal Trade Commission, and the most common form of reported identity theft involved government documents. The report noted that the IRS does not work identity theft cases in a timely manner and can take more than a year to resolve them. This should change, since the IRS agreed with a number of TIGTA recommendations and has made solving the problem a priority. Roger Russell June 15, 2012

Roger explains how severe the consequences of identity theft truly are, and goes on to recommend a legal protection service like Identity Theft Shield at the bottom of the next paragraph.

This is important, because you only find out about your taxes when it’s time to file your return. But if your refund has been stolen, other things could be happening as well. Given the doubling of tax-related identity theft from 2010 to 2011, it’s likely that one of us or someone close to us will soon be a victim. So don’t just trash your mail, shred it first. And consider signing up for one of the protection services. If the trend continues, it might also be a good investment to purchase some of their stock. Roger Russell June 15, 2012


How Asset Preservation Strategies Can Help

With Identity Theft Shield at your side you can rest assured that the tools to catch identity thieves in their tracks is at work 24/7. Protect yourself and your assets from all forms of identity theft, contact Asset Preservation Strategies today to manage the threat of identity theft and secure your financial future.

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  1. Good article, it shows how much better it is to have something like legalshield to rely on instead of the IRS. I definitely wouldn’t want to wait to get my stolen tax return back.

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