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Identity Theft Shield

Identity Theft Shield

The Identity Theft Shield (IDT) provides valuable protection and coverage for one of Americas fastest-growing crimes. IDT may be purchased by individuals as either a stand-alone product for $12.95 per month, or as an addition to the Pre-Paid Legal Family Plan for only $9.95 per month.

Plan benefits include:

Credit Report

Members can evaluate their current credit standing with:

  • An up-to-date credit report through Experian no added cost
  • A personal credit score calculated by an independent scoring service
  • A detailed analysis of their personal credit score

Continuous Credit Monitoring

Suspicious activity will be brought to the members attention, providing early detection. Members will receive prompt notification if the credit repository is notified by Experian that:

  • New accounts are opened in their name
  • Derogatory notations are added to their credit report
  • Public records are added to their report
  • Inquiries are made against their report
  • A change of address is requested

Identity Restoration Services

In the event a members identity is stolen, a trained expert will take the steps to restore his or her name and credit through the following Restoration Services:

  • Members can reduce their out-of-pocket expenses and time spent away from work with valuable services from detection to resolution
  • Fraud alert notifications will be sent on the members behalf and applicable follow up will be done with affected agencies and institutions, including: credit card companies, financial institutions, all three credit repositories, Social Security Administration, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Motor Vehicles, law enforcement personnel, and the U.S. Postal Service
  • Proactive searches of applicable local and national databases will be made on the members behalf to look for information he or she may not be aware of, including: criminal activity in the members name in his/her county records and certain federal watch lists, Department of Motor Vehicle records in his/her state, unknown addresses affiliated with his/her name, and banking activity in his/her name reported as fraudulent
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