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Individual & Family Plans

Individuals & Families know that in today’s litigious society you and your family are vulnerable to any number of potential legal issues that could raise their heads at anytime. You owe it to yourself and your family to contact us today for more information on a legal service plan.

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you could become a LegalShield Associate and provide legal service plans for you, family, and friends, and create an income while doing so? Click on the Buttons below to see how simple this is. To learn more about the Family and Individual plans we offer to protect you and your family visit our Sister Website

10 Reasons You Need a Legal Service Plan

  • The IRS selects you for an audit.
  • Creditors threatened to take action against you.
  • A tenant falls down stairs and sues you
  • You are injured when you slipped on a wet floor.
  • A merchant refuses to honor a guaranty.
  • You need a copyright for your manuscript.
  • A repairman charges more than a given estimate.
  • An accident results in a personal injury.
  • You are leasing property or equipment.
  • You can’t make heads or tails out of the new tax forms.

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