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Business Journal News – Legal Services Study


New Study Shows a Need and Demand for Legal Services

The Business Journal reports that a new study shows a need and demand for legal services by working Americans and families. The study identifies cost and confusion as barriers to getting needed legal help. The Business Journal finds that LegalShield is the only national legal safeguard to provide its members with access to quality legal services from an accomplished law firm.


Alarming Numbers Forgoing Legal Help

Even for serious legal events such as divorce, IRS audits, DWI/DUI arrests, real estate purchase, identity theft, or the death of a spouse without a will, The Business Journal shows that an alarming number of Americans are forgoing the legal help they need to protect themselves and their families.


How Asset Preservation Strategies Can Help

With Asset Preservation Strategies Individual & Family Plans at your side, you can rest assured knowing that when you need legal assistance in a serious situation, you’ll be covered. Protect yourself and your assets from legal troubles, contact Asset Preservation Strategies today to manage the threat of identity theft and secure your financial future.

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