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Avoid Medical Identity Theft With Asset Preservation Strategies

Medical Identity Theft


Overview: A brief description of medical identity theft

Medical identity theft results from the fraudulent use of an individual’s personal information, Social Security number, or health insurance information to obtain medical goods and services, money through insurance fraud, or insurance coverage for treatments. This may result in a number of problems for the victim which might include a collection account for a past due bill, medical insurance filing errors, or distorted medical records that could affect future medical treatment.
Medical identity theft is one of the more complicated and problematic types of identity theft that can occur. The reasons for these complications are mainly attributed to the lack of a central repository of medical history and the extensive privacy laws in relation to medical file disclosure. It is difficult to discover and the fraud may exist until uncovered through a myriad of methods.

Discovery: Ways an individual might discover medical identity theft

Some of the ways victims discovered their personal information was used by another person for
medical purposes include:

  • Receipt of an Explanation of Benefits statement from your health insurer listing services or
    treatments that were never provided.

  • Receipt of a bill for services or equipment that were never provided.

  • Collection account listed on a credit report that is the result of an unpaid medical bill not
    related to any valid services provided.

  • Denial of health insurance or notice of increase in premiums based on a medical condition
    that you do not have.

  • Inaccuracy found in medical record held by physician or hospital.

  • Alert received from a healthcare provider, law enforcement agency, or an insurance company
    who has discovered the fraud.
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